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Hurricane Sandy Storm Damage in Ocean City MD

Hurricane Sandy in Ocean City, MD has now come and gone.  I am fortunate to be a lifelong resident of Ocean City, MD and it is the worse storm that I have seen in my 34 years.  You know it’s bad when the “old salts” around town who have been here since the 1960’s are saying the same thing.  All things considered, Ocean City, MD made out ok and it definitely could have been a lot worse.  Ocean City’s beaches suffered significant damage, a portion of the Inlet Fishing Pier was knocked out, a majority of the docks on the bay front are damaged and the gazebo at Fager’s Island is now gone.  Below you will find photos from before, during and after Hurricane Sand in Ocean City, MD.  Enjoy …

The Boardwalk Before and After …

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Ocean City MD Boardwalk

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Prior to the storms only about the first 10-15 feet of these jetties were exposed …

Beaches in Ocean City MD

The bay side, especially on the direct bay front took a pretty good beating …

Realtors in Ocean City Maryland

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Hurricane Sandy in Ocean City MD

Running a distant second to the damage to the Ocean City MD beaches is the Ocean City Inlet Fishing Pier …

Pier before the storm on Christmas Day of 2011

Storm Damage Hurricane Sandy

A picture during the storm courtesy of Nick Denny …

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And the Ocean City Fishing Pier after …

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The fellas below surfed just prior to the height of the storm using the assistance of a jet ski … INSANE!

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Ocean City MD Realty

Surfing in Ocean City MD

Fager’s Island Famous Gazebo … Gone

Fager's Island in Ocean City MD

It is not every day that the National Guard it in town …

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Don’t worry, they have plenty more …

Sunsations in Ocean City MD

I don’t think it is good when a boat is in the street …

Fishing in Ocean City MD

48th Street in Ocean City on the day after …

The Gateway Grand in Ocean City MD

Ocean City MD Condos for Sale

Ocean City MD Real Estate

Old Glory above Seacrets in Ocean City MD made it through as always …

Seacrets in Ocean City MD

Me and the Misses (aka the Boss) …

Real Estate Agent in Ocean City MD

Only the strong survive …

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  1. Adam Chornesky says:

    Fantastic pictures! Will damage be repaired by next summer? Also, are there other websites that show further pictures?

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